For Teens

Teen Treatment

Teenagers today are busier and more self conscious about their appearance than ever before. At Melissa Family Dental & Orthodontics, we understand that how you look can impact how you feel, especially for teens. We’ve seen first hand how transforming a smile can reward a teen with a boost in self-confidence, a happier demeanor, and improved social interactions with friends and classmates. Give your teen a gift that will last forever: a beautiful smile.

Dr. Ramoliya, believes that orthodontic treatment for teens does not Always, have to mean metal braces. Most of our patients choose more aesthetic treatment options, like Invisalign® Teen or clear braces and finish treatment in 18-24 months or less. We know how busy teenagers are with sports, band practice and life in general so we offer after school appointments and accelerated treatment options to fit their individual smiles and busy teen lifestyles.

Is INVISALIGN TEEN Right for your teen?

  • Doesn’t cost more than braces: While the factors that determine the cost of orthodontic treatment are different for each person, for most cases the cost of Invisalign or Invisalign Teen is comprable to the cost of braces and is covered by most insurance plans
  • Ideal for Busy Schedules: Invisalign Teen is ideal for busy parents and teens. In fact, Invisalign requires fewer appointments than traditional metal braces. Appointments for Invisalign patients average 10-15 minutes, every 10-12 weeks
  • Life, Uninterrupted: Invisalign Teen is an ideal choice for teens who are active in sports, those who play certain musical instruments or those who don’t want to give up crunchy and sticky foods. Most importantly, Invisalign Teen allows teens to remove their aligners at meals, to brush and floss their teeth, AND at important events like big games, prom, and to take daily selfies