Dentures & Partials

Melissa Family Dental & OrthodonticsComplete Dentures Can Improve Your Smile In An Instant

Complete dentures are great solution for people who have lost most of the teeth or needing extraction of all remaining teeth due to disease.

Dentures are removable devices and they tend to move as you function. Most people can tolerate these situations and adapt to it very quickly. For those who don’t/can’t tolerate movable dentures the solution is IMPLANTS which give more stability and dentures stay in place.

Our custom dentures are made using the best teeth available and the strongest acrylic on the market. They provide the most natural appearance and look so life-like, no one will know you’re wearing dentures. They are extremely durable and stain resistant. Our wax try-in appointment allows you to see your new smile before it is custom finished to your liking, and any changes can be made.

Cast Metal Partial Denture

Our cast metal dentures are the strongest option, very lightweight, and offer an outstanding fit. These partials have a metal framework that uses your natural teeth as support. They are extremely durable and should last many years, and chew many steaks!

Flexible Partial Denture

Our flexible partials are made from a gum-colored material and flex much more than the cast metal. They snap over teeth and rest on the gums. These partial’s are typically used in difficult cosmetic cases where aesthetics are a major concern. Our patients love them!