Clear Braces

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How do Clear Ceramic Braces Work?

This orthodontic option consists of ceramic brackets and clear wires adhered to your teeth like their traditional alternatives. Over time, they gradually realign teeth into a more ideal position, and Dr. Ramoliya enhances the process with brief tightening appointments about every month. Patients may experience some tenderness after their new braces are attached, but this usually ends after a week has passed. In the meantime, it’s recommended that you eat soft foods and take pain relievers as prescribed to improve comfort. The cosmetic appearance of your clear ceramic braces improves this brief adjustment period since those around you are less distracted by the change and able to focus on you.

Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

The most obvious benefit of clear ceramic braces is that they’re capable of providing the same strength and stability to orthodontic service subtly. They blend in with your tooth enamel and allow patients to retain a more natural look in photos. Additionally, the materials used do not irritate the gums as much as metal brackets resulting in more comfort for the patient throughout treatment. Regardless of misconceptions, ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces in terms of durability.

A frequent concern of patients interested in clear ceramic braces is that they’ll stain easily. While the ceramic brackets are resistant to this, the wires may discolor slightly if the patient indulges in too much black coffee or foods that leave large amounts of residue during their orthodontic treatment. Thankfully, our team typically changes these wires monthly, which eliminates this concern and helps patients maintain a pleasing appearance.